how to delete out of date backups windows 10

Back up your files automatically every hour with File History in Windows 10, and restore backups of files. Back up and restore your files. Content provided by Microsoft. Applies to: Windows 10. Select Product Version. It's always good to have a backup. Keep copies of your files on another drive in case something happens to the originals. Set up your backup. Select the Start button, select ... More

how to bandage a knuckle cut

I cut the top of my index finger, across the middle knuckle, with an orbital sander. I applied pressure until the bleeding stopped. It seemed deep, but I was reluctant to see how deep; I applied hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, and a bandage. ... More

how to change default account on gmail

... More

how to cut a normal sim to micro sim

Although it certainly is possible to reference a template and carefully cut a Mini SIM down to the size of the Micro SIM with a sturdy pair of scissors or a razor blade, strongly recommends purchasing a proper Micro SIM cutter instead. Micro SIM cutters are inexpensive and make the process essentially fool proof -- line up the card properly and press down on the handle. That's it ... More

how to cook 2 minute noodles

10/06/2013 · Cook noodles in plain water, drain, place in plate, sprinkle on a small amount of the flavouring (your taste buds may differ in the amount) add a dollop of sour cream, stir, place a slice of processed cheese on top and eat. ... More

how to build big quads with bad knees

Step forward, bend your knees and lower your back knee toward the floor. Push off your front foot, stand back up and perform a second rep leading with your other leg. Alternate your leading leg for the desired number of repetitions. Make this exercise more demanding by holding weights in your hands. ... More

how to change temperature of voltas split ac without remote

Voltas 185 CY 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC vs Voltas Jade 185 JY 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC comparison on basis of energy rating, power input, type, capacity, reviews & ratings and much more with full phone specifications at Gadgets Now ... More

how to download and install openvpn

Step #1: Download and Install the OpenVPN GUI The GUI client is bundled as part of the entire OpenVPN package which includes TAP drivers as well as the OpenVPN server framework (which you won’t need to use). ... More

how to become a wwe superstar yahoo answers

Go to a wrestling school graduate with honors, ask a WWE superstar to train you (then when you are ready he will introduce into the wwe.), or find a way to get into MTV'S show … tough enough ... More

how to change resolution to fit tv from computer

20/03/2010 · Changing the screen resolution in one user account will change it for all user accounts on the computer. Make sure the Color Depth (Colors) is set … ... More

how to connect phone to car without aux cable

Well, I have an aux cable that I run from my phone or laptop to the recording input on my gaming PC. But when I do that it makes static, buzzing noises. I might have to buy a new cable, but, that ... More

how to cook aubergine for baby

Cook the paste, sugar and shallots for a few mins, then return the aubergines to the pan. Add the fish sauce, coconut milk and stock or water, mix well, and bring the liquid to the boil. Reduce the heat and cook gently until the aubergine ... More

how to become a saltwater fly fishing guide

Saltwater Fly Fishing. New Zealand offers some world class saltwater fishing on both the North and South Islands. Many quality species are available to be targeted on the fly. ... More

how to become a astrophysicist in india

The Tribune Edit page 27-July-1999. INDIA-BORN US ASTROPHYSICIST Chandra observatory: tribute to a legend by Rajesh Kochhar. The recent X-ray observatory launched into space by the USA has been named Chandra after the India-born American astrophysicist. ... More

how to add an email account to iphone 7

After the updating to iOS 10, many email accounts on iPhone 7 are not able to send emails such as Yahoo Accounts, Bellsouth accounts, Comcast accounts and other email accounts. However, there is no problem with receiving emails, just sending. Of course, it is a real problem not being able to send important emails. ... More

how to download things from google drive

You can use EndNote with Google Drive (formerly known as Google docs), but you need to format the document in Word before you can complete your work. You can use EndNote with Google Drive. You will need to add pages etc. manually, and the Word document may seem a little different than usual. ... More

lenards chicken roll how to cook

... More

how to create another drive on mac

I have a 16 gb flash drive that is formatted using my mac, made bootable, and an OSX installation image put on it. I'd like to keep that drive around so I can do it again in the future, but I don't want to keep this flash drive just laying around not being used. I'd like to create an image of the contents so I can repurpose the drive, but be able to restore it back to it at a later point ... More

how to choose a corset for waist training

CS-305 Standard Corsets. CS-305 corsets are designed for an average torso length and women with less natural curve, especially at the hip. If your hip-to-waist is small, this is the best corset for you (until you train your waist down and move into a curvier style). ... More

how to buy land in australia

Also, search the property title to check if any easement agreement (i.e. the right to use the property for a specific purpose), carbon, conservation or heritage caveats (third party rights over the property) or covenants (written agreement between the seller and buyer restricting land use) are in place. ... More

how to change buffer overflow in apache httpd.conf

The eventual overflow of this buffer can overwrite system memory. Subsequently an attacker may be able to elevate privileges and take control of the server. This Apache directives limits the size of the various HTTP header sizes thereby limiting the chances for a buffer overflow. The LimitRequestLine directive allows the server administrator to reduce or increase the limit on the allowed size ... More

how to cancel my subscription to buyrehydravive

Navigate to your 'Manage Subscription' page by clicking on the drop-down menu in the top right, then selecting 'Manage Subscription'. Click the 'Cancel Subscription' button as shown below. You will continue to have access to Utomik for the remainder of the subscription term. ... More

how to connect mac air to tv via hdmi

Question: Q: How to connect my MacBook Air to TV (HDMI) I need to know what cable is needed to connect my MacBook Air 7,2 to my TV using HDMI. More Less. MacBook Air, OS X El Capitan (10.11.3), Model 7,2 Posted How to connect my MacBook Air to TV (HDMI) More Less. ... More

microsoft how to close revision history left pane

Microsoft Outlook enables you to display calendar items on one or both sides of the reading pane to help you stay organized. Open the left sidebar to show the current and next calendar month, as well as a calendar checklist. ... More

how to delete contents of synology nas

Table of Contents. Check out our other articles if you are lucky to have a Synology or QNAP storage system: Synology Cloud Backup Scenarios; QNAP Cloud Backup Scenarios; General NAS Backup Scenarios . Network Attached Storage is generally used as a backend for user and app data. You can store an application database, some server data, pictures, etc. with no additional management server. NAS … ... More

how to make skype group call on phone

Select New Group. Set up your group: Search for the contact you want to add by typing in the Select participants field or select them from your Skype Contacts list. ... More

how to download dymocks ebook on pc

Download the NEW version 2.0 of our software . e-Photocopy is capable of printing your ebook without removing the DRM protection. Once you have electronically photocopied your ebook, you can print it. This software tool acts as a real photocopier machine, taking your ebook page by page and turning it into a PDF. PDF file of your e-Book can be sent to any printer connected to your PC. Using the ... More

how to cook rice in cooker

Cooking rice in a slow cooker is very simple and effortless.It is also effective as a saucepan or steamer. The slow cooker can cook white rice, brown rice or even wild rice with the same perfection.You don’t need to observe the cooking all the time, or you don’t have to worry about sticking the rice.If you just know how to cook rice in a ... More

how to change windows name

NetBIOS is a networking protocol proprietary to the Windows operating system. The NetBIOS name is the unique value given to the computer. The protocol is used in very small Windows networks that are only a part of a work group. ... More

how to change my router password netgear

Change Netgear R6250 Default Password. It’s easy for a hacker to find out the manufacturer’s default password for your Netgear R6250 router and then use that password to access your … ... More

how to clean white tiles in kitchen

We had a shop in a tourist area many years ago and had white tiles in the large kitchen. Hamburgers, fish andchips, etc. We used bright green grout between the tiles and it always looked bright and clean. ... More

how to connect logitech speakers to computer

The included five-foot cable offers more than enough cord to connect to a PC, and there is an 11-foot speaker cable to connect both satellite speakers. Runner Up, Best Budget: Logitech S150 USB Speakers ... More

how to make moviebox download faster no jailbreak

24/09/2014 · It updates extremely fast with new episodes and films. If you have a jailbroken device you can just download it from Cydia, If you don't Some chinese site allows you to get it without a jailbreak, i've just done it on ios8 so if you want it heres how 1. on safari on your phone go to ... More

how to draw well on paint

What others are saying "Golden Aspen Leaf Collage with Raindrops" "Creator's Joy: Lesson on How to Draw or Paint a Water Drop" "My creative workbook" ... More

how to allow third party content on livejournal

13/02/2013 · ***** THIS MIGHT BE OUTDATED ***** If you follow this method you should be able to get your audio back. All you need to do is explained and shown clearly in ... More

how to change icon size in oppo f1s

Oppo F1s price in usd Summary Network 2G / 3G / 4G / GSM / HSPA / LTE Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop Display Size 5.5 inches Chipset Mediatek MT6755 or MTK7650 Back Camera 13 Megapixels Front Camera 16 Megapixels Operating system & Processor Oppo F1s was announced in … ... More

how to change coolant in mitsubishi triton

When preparing heads, check for slipped guides and replace with guides that have the circlip installed. Valve guides with the circlip installed are available from Chrysler/Mitsubishi (p/n MD185850 - exhaust guide) or the circlip only is also available (p/n MD 185547). ... More

how to change language settings on macbook pro

To take advantage of advancements in high-resolution display technologies, Adobe Bridge CC includes native support for high-resolution monitor displays running on Windows and Mac OS X (for example, the MacBook Pro with Retina display). ... More

how to buy a rug

You should buy the best rug you can afford, even it means living with bare floors while you save up your pennies. Look for good quality natural materials such as wool and silk. ... More

how to become chief resident

Created Date: 5/1/2008 1:02:55 PM ... More

how to change your page name on facebook

5/01/2019 · Facebook as we all know is a trending social networking website. It helps connect the world to their friends and even let you make new ones. One of the most interesting feature that it offers is the Page feature, you can create Facebook Pages free of cost to make a wider audience for yourself or your … ... More

how to change phone number outlook account

This method will show you the way about adding an extension to the phone number of an Outlook contact in People view. Please do as follows: 1. Open the contact folder containing the specified contact, and change folder view by clicking View > Change View > People. ... More

how to delete apps from icloud on iphone 5

How to bypass icloud activation lock how to unlock iPhone 6 iPhone 5 iPhone 7, iPhone 8. How To Remove Activation Lock. icloud icloud bypass glitch. How To Remove, Bypass or Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad. Much has been said about how to remove icloud fast ... More

how to build a web crawler

If you want to learn how to build your own web crawler using a VPS, have you considered using Scrapy? In this installment of LowEndTutorials, we’ll go over the basic functions of the Scrapy web … ... More

how to clean off scuff on hotplate

Rinse the area clean with a damp rag. 2. Apply a few drops of baby oil to the scuff mark and allow it to sit for five minutes. Wipe away the mark and oil with a dry rag. Alternatively, apply a ... More

how to buy a brand new house

You wanna buy a new house? Just be certain that you don't let any of those Scamatology fucks into your house and ask you personal questions. If you do, they will come back hard and blackmail you to get some money for their demon king head of the pyramid. ... More

how to build a heavy bag stand out of metal

If you're ready to ramp up your fitness routine, the Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand might be just right for you. Exercises with this unit can improve endurance, strength, agility, speed, hand-eye coordination and much more. ... More

how to clean shower screens easily

Shower Screens. Save time and money with EnduroShield, the revolutionary permanent non-stick coating for all glass surfaces. The once only application makes grime, dirt and soap scum easier to clean, no more scrubbing. ... More

how to become a trainee park ranger vic

Education and Training. Park rangers are usually required to have a bachelor's degree; however, high school graduates are sometimes eligible for ranger jobs after three years of progressively responsible experience in conservation work or park operations. ... More

how to play cut the rope

Cut the rope to feed candy to the green monster! Om Nom is hungry for large pieces of candy. Your mission is to feed him as quickly as possible. ... More

how to draw hello kitty nerd step by step

How to Draw Tuxedo Sam (Cute Kawaii Penguin) From Hello Kitty Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials. JhEMA. December 23-29. See more What others are saying "Today I'll show you how to draw an adorable Kawaii version of the Hello Kitty character, Tuxedo Sam. Tuxedo Sam is an adorable penguin with a cute white and pink hat on. We will guide ... More

how to appear offline on facebook messenger pc

WhatsApp just does not come with that option of online and offline at will which you normally find in other popular messenger apps such as Skype, Facebook messenger and so on. Methods to Appear offline on WhatsApp without Disconnecting Internet: ... More

how to become a customs officer in south africa

An aptitude test is one of the most popular methods employers use to measure your work-related cognitive ability. Aptitude tests typicaly are abstract reasoning tests, verba reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests. ... More

how to change colours of graph lines in excel

23/11/2008 · I have data as follows: From July to Oct, I have actual data and from Nov to Jun, I have forecast data. I want one line graph which shows one colour for period from July to Oct and other colour for the period from Nov to Jun. ... More

how to draw a ocean food chain

A food web is a series of food chains connected together in a habitat or environment. For example, one ocean food web could start with seaweed. Many different, small fish eat seaweed. There are also many larger predators that eat these small fish, which are prey. Some ocean predators would be sharks, whales, barracuda, and even polar bears if the food web is in colder oceans. ... More

how to add a link to a pin on pinterest

They are similar to Pinterests other newish Rich Pins, such as Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins. The Article Pins share more data than a regular Pin it button. When theyre Pinned, they automatically include information such as headline, author, story summary, and link. ... More

how to become a game developer at home

All game developers are required to sign our mutual NDA prior to sharing detailed documentation and game builds. You can also self-publish to the Xbox through the Xbox Independent Publishing program. For more information please contact us at . ... More

how to draw chibi joker

12/07/2018 · Learn How to Draw Chibi Joker from The Dark Knight with our step by step drawing lessons. Follow along with our easy step by step drawing lessons. \r Visit our Fun Stuff Playlist to see some of our animated shorts. … ... More

how to clean your dyson filter

Just a few things to consider/mention here. From the research I’ve done, and there’s not a lot on deep cleaning your dyson out there…the motor is housed with the hard inflexible filter. ... More

how to make your own clear glass whiteboard

Stick to a piece of clear glass, flip it around and you have an instant ‘white’ board. You’ll need ‘dry wipe marker’ like the ones in the link. You’ll need ‘dry wipe marker’ like the ones in the link. ... More

how to add a button in an append method javascript

The jQuery append() method is used to insert content to the end of the selected elements. The following example will append some HTML to all the paragraphs on document ready, whereas append some text to the container element on button click. ... More

how to clean uterus after a miscarriage naturally

Generally the womb will cleanse itself after a miscarriage or medical abortion, and a D&C should clean it out. However, this isn’t invariably the case. Sometimes it won’t happen, for whatever reason. ... More

how to change a ill out don light

Corsa Engine Warning Light? Hey. My car had this engine warning light and when the light comes up the car seems to loser power but the light will not go off until i bring my foot up and let it slow down. ... More

how to add keyframe premiere

To add a keyframe directly in the Keyframe Editor, either double-click or option-click on a curve. I prefer option-clicking because the cursor changes into a crosshair to confirm that your mouse is … ... More

how to access google drive backup

Among the benefits Google guarantees is data security, including encryption, authentication, reliable access, a high level of user control, and backup of data. But users should be aware that when Google uses the term “backed up,” it may not mean exactly what they think. ... More

how to develop authentic leadership

10 Authentic Leadership Characteristics A recently coined but widely accepted term, Authentic Leadership is a modern and more inclusive approach to leadership. Authentic Leadership works on the principle that a leader can prove their legitimacy by nurturing sincere relationships with their subordinates and giving importance to their input. ... More

how to grow clear alum crystals

Activity First, you need to know a little bit about the conditions for growing crystals and why they grow. This will allow you to make your own modifications to the process to get the best crystals. ... More

how to download things to itunes

Surprisingly, transferring files with iTunes remains your most reliable tool. It now allows for a broad range of transfers to your iPhone, including file types previously prohibited. Provided you have an application on your device that is associated with a file’s extension, you can download that file to your device. This method will work on either macOS or Windows. If you want to transfer ... More

how to cut peel and stick vinyl tile

I just installed peel-n-stick vinyl tile over old sheet vinyl in our downstairs bathroom. I have also installed it in previous homes in the kitchen, entry, office and pantry floor. I have also installed it in previous homes in the kitchen, entry, office and pantry floor. ... More

how to create domain controller in windows server 2012 r2

Install Windows Backup Components. Log on to the domain controller (DC) with a domain admin account and open a PowerShell prompt using the blue icon on … ... More

how to create backup in macbook pro

You can use winclone to create a clone of the windows partition into a file on the OS X partition, then use Time Machine to backup the OS X partition, on which the windows partition is cloned file. This accomplishes your criteria of littlest software, and it accomplishes the backup to a single location. ... More

how to set drive away locking on freelander 2

1/07/2016 · halo! my freelander 2 chasis no. SALFA23A27H006636 ,when i start the engine it runs for a while then the battery light comes on and shows permanently on … ... More

how to create your own design

Nowadays, posters are used for many purposes from room decoration to business promotion. They are a great visual aid, which helps to deliver the necessary information more efficiently and, at the same time, a nice tool to enliven the interior design. ... More

how to connect to bose quietcomfort 35

Bose calls its luxury, BlueTooth noise-cancelling headphones "QuietComfort 35", which is suggestive of the two things you really want in noise cancelling headphones. Quiet, and comfort. Quiet, and ... More

how to add buttons into promotional panel shopify

Omnistar makes it easy to create and manage an affiliate program for Shopify. By the end of this post you will know: Login to your admin control panel and then go to Manage Referral Programs -> Marketing tools. 2. Now click the button that says Add Promo Code Tracking 3. Click Add Code Tracking button: 4. Type in the name of the coupon that you created in your Shopify shopping ... More

how to add sound to game xcode

I've recently installed Mountain Lion 10.8.2. The installation is successful and had sound and network working out of the box. Now I wanted to install XCode for class and App Store says that I should update to 10.8.5 to install it. ... More

how to connect wirelessly to bt home hub 3

A wireless network lets you get online from your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere within your home, without connecting to a mass of cables. ... More

how to clean a three piece business suit

3 Piece Suit: Jacket, Trousers and Waistcoat: Expertly Dry Cleaned & Pressed to Perfection ... More

how to draw i love you in 3d

you can also add a background to your design this graffiti cloud with stars helps to complete this design.Now why not draw one for your mom, I'm sure she will love it. Graffiti Bubble Letters Mom Video ... More

how to clean pc completely

You'll now see all the partitions in order to currently have in effect. You should see the C and D for so. Generally, D has more space than C has it truly suggest you utilize that. ... More

how to change a thermostat in a kelvinator fridge

A Kelvinator fridge or fridge freezer offers hassle–free, effective refrigeration. Equipped with features such as frost–free technology, temperature controls and Spillsafe shelving, Kelvinator fridges keep food fresh without the hassle of regular maintenance. ... More

how to bring up control panel csgo demo

If you’re using Windows 10, you can simply search the Start Menu for “Control Panel” and it will show right up in the list. You can either click to open it, or you could right-click and Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar for easier access the next time. ... More

how to add blockstates for block 1.7 mc modding

An options of this Mod , it is that if you have a lot of gold , you can automatically add luck to different blocks. You just create an unique recipe block and then add it to surrounding blocks just by repeatit until you get to the limit of 100+. ... More

how to eat keto out

Some days you might eat very few carbohydrates, while other days you might bump up against your 50-gram cap. Have fun with snacks. Snacks are the best part of eating keto, with endless, delicious ... More

how to close a westpac travel card account

Travel Credit and Debit Cards - September 7th. Best Time to Visit Bali - Weather, Temperatures, Seasons and Festivals. Like most countries so close to the equator, Bali enjoys fairly consistent temperatures year round, divided instead into two seasons rather than four. ... More

how to change phones on virgin mobile

Before turning the device on, contact Virgin Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-322-1122. Virgin Mobile Customer Care will schedule a callback from a Virgin Mobile Tech Support representative. The Virgin Mobile representative will call you and guide you through activation of your replacement device. ... More

how to do cannon dance r

— Abigail Tracy, The Hive, "Rudy Giuliani May Have Just Implicated Trump in Two Federal Crimes," 3 May 2018 Paul Manafort spent the spring trying to argue that Mueller was a loose cannon, a reckless, out of control prosecutor straying far beyond his assignment. ... More

how to draw layout plan

19/05/2008 · Layout tutorials on its drawing capability. It looks like it would be It looks like it would be easier to draw floor plans in Layout and then pull them into Sketchup ... More

how to draw a cartoon human body

... More

how to become a shebah driver

Becoming a Shebah Rideshare Driver? Talk to us to make sure you're insured. ... More

how to clear your stomach

Also you should consume chamomile oil if you want to clean your body from toxins. Cumin oil The cumin oil has been shown to work wonders for the intestinal cramps and general pain in the stomach. ... More

how to connect two batteries together

Connecting the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the next battery creates the series configuration. Connecting the negative terminals together and the positive terminals together creates the parallel configuration. ... More

how to call back to malaysia from australia

Before sending us your Surface, back up your files and remove all your accessories. For details, see How to prepare your Surface for service . You can check the status of your service request at Device service and repair at any time. ... More

how to clean pewter bowl

Siam Pewter Handcrafted Bowl in Original Box 50 x 85 mm Siam Pewter Handcrafted Bowl in original presentation box, made in Thailand with not less that 97% Thai refined tin, approx 50 x 85 mm, unused, outer box has a few marks and blemishes. ... More

how to add to gradle

Gradle supports additional groups of Java source code (such as the integration test code) via source sets. Although there are plugins that simplify configuration for new source sets, I hesitated to use them. ... More

how to change nappy toddler you tube

We have a very solid change table. (Leander) I just looked how much one is to buy new and it’s ridiculous, but we have used it for 3 children for 99.9% of nappy changes at home. ... More

how to change osap direct deposit

Information and resources to help you reach your goals Learn How. Back to top Top ... More

how to change date of birth on passport legally

What is the procedure to change date of birth in passport legally answered by expert documentation lawyer. Get free answers to all your legal queries from experienced lawyers & expert advocates on documentation & other legal issues at LawRato. Visit Now! ... More

how to draw a forest scene with animals

Forest Drawing With Animals Forest Drawing With Animals Simple Forest Drawing With Animals 3. Tag drawing pictures of forest with animals, forest drawing images with ... More

how to add a meme bot to discord

Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot - music, moderation, fun and more! Upvote (4) // upvoting page Add bot Join bot's official server See its website Music Multipurpose Meme Moderation Fun Utility ... More

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how to close process explorer

It works great, even if the IE window is not responding to close requests through the taskbar, or through the close button on the application itself. This kills every Internet Explorer window This kills every Internet Explorer window

how to draw a shield step by step

If you're stuck and want to see the step by step of how I got around some of the steps mentioned here, check out my site at I'll have the tutorial up within the next day or so. I'll have the tutorial up within the next day or so.

how to draw a bee and beehive step by step

draw bees drawing tutorial will teach you step by step 'draw bees' in no time. Best of all, it's FREE! Best of all, it's FREE! draw bees, step by step, drawing tutorials, tag 345

how to allow steam downloads while playing

The top 3 reasons to play Middle-earth Shadow of War Gold Edition This sequel to the critically acclaimed, award-winning Shadow of Mordor will allow you to use the Ring of Power to finally put an end to the evil that plagues the land.

how to cancel an adobe membership without paying the fee

Even though, in some cases, you can still buy the product outright, you are stuck without updates unless you are paying the subscription fee or buy an upgrade plan. This is a poor trend for the

how to add a work email thru google

Share your calendars with other G Suite users, and add calendars to Outlook that others have shared with you. See what's not supported See which Outlook features aren't available with GSSMO or that don't work as you might be used to.

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